Monday, October 19, 2009

IB Questions Banks, Math Studies , HL , SL , Physics SL and HL , Biology SL and HL Economics SL and HL


Welcome ppl, this blog will be specified for publishing IB Questions Bank of various Subjects, such as Math( Studies, SL , and HL ) , physics SL and HL , Biology SL and HL ,Economics SL and HL , and finally Chemistry SL and HL

The Questions Bank inculudes Past Papers from 2000-2009 , in addition to their MarkScheme and some Revision Notes.

it enables you to make tests easily, and that is by choosing your subject, their questions and then export them to Microsoft Word ..!!

Actually, i'm now uploading all questions banks to Rapidshare with super powered downlaod speed.



  1. when would the links be posted again?

    if it could be done asap it would be very helpful, not only for me but for everyone at my school

    regards :)

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  3. Hello, could you please send me the ib biology hl and chemistry hl question bank please? Thank you in advance.

  4. hey search for question bank math HL 3rd edition you'll get everything there related to math....

    can someone help me out with physics HL question bank i really need it....

  5. can someone post links here i cant find any downloadable questionbanks.. i need Chem HL and Maths SL..



  7. this article is helpful for me too!Thanks for information provided by you, it was best of all
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